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Callandar Group is your trusted choice when considering solar panels. Providing specialist advice and information and installation for residential homes in the Auckland region.

Our electricians are experienced in solar installation large and small for your projects. We take care of the Vector application process, installation, metering, testing and reports necessary to achieve Vector compliance and Greenstar certification if required.

We will provide you with a free home assessment, where our specialist will discuss your options and create a custom solution for your needs. We will then install the panels and other componentry and demonstrate how the system works.


Benefits of solar panels

Cost effective

See visible savings immediately and a reduction in your overall electricity usage. The ratio of energy usage vs cost is significantly improved.

Sustainable energy source

Using the natural power of the sun is more sustainable and much better for the planet.

Increase the value of your home

The addition of solar power can considerably increase the value of your home, or it can make it an attractive feature for potential buyers when selling.

Reliable and low maintenance

Solar power is super reliable and your system requires minimal maintenance to function optimally.

Sell back surplus energy

Should you end up with a surplus of usable energy, you can ‘sell’ it back to the grid.