Electrical Services Service & Maintenance

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Electrical breakdowns and malfunctions in any business can be extremely costly in lost sales, staff downtime and repairs. With regular inspections, servicing and maintenance you can minimise the risk of this happening. We offer an affordable, regular service and maintenance schedule that can be put in place for your business to mitigate any unexpected issues. These schedules are set up daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual servicing to meet your budget and in some cases will only be charged if there is work to be done.

We pride ourselves on providing a prompt and efficient service that caters for commercial, residential and industrial customers.

Services we offer

  • Fault and Failure Location
  • Power Failure Response
  • Electrical Equipment Repairs and Replacement
  • Emergency Lighting Testing Repairs Upgrades and IQP Certification
  • Domestic service repairs
  • Power Outages – response and repairs
  • Property electrical maintenance and maintenance contracts
  • Electrical Fault Finding
  • Heat Pump & Air Conditioning electrical install and repairs
  • Hot Water Cylinders maintenance – Rheem service agents
  • Electrical New installation and Alterations
  • AA Home response service agents
  • Thermal imaging
  • Energy Savings consultations and upgrades
  • Data and security
  • Hospital Electrical service repairs and maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Part of our expertise and initiatives is sustainability and looking at ways to reduce your carbon footprint and maximise energy savings where practical by planned maintenance.

The convenience and reliability of our planned maintenance programme means you're able to concentrate on your core business, leaving us to quietly take care of routine but important tasks, such as re-lamping, safety inspections, thermal imaging to protect and reduce the risk of problems occurring, along with emergency light testing.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a fantastic preventative maintenance tool which we have added to our service offering. Thermal imaging cameras can detect faults in electrical panels before they break down or even worse, catch fire. Many insurance companies are now insisting that thermal imaging is undertaken annually. We currently undertake this work at several different buildings and usually find multiple issues that require attention, especially in ageing switchboards.

We are trained professionals in this technology and believe that it benefits our customers greatly.

Preventative Inspections

A little attention now can save you big headaches later. Preventive inspections can help identify problem areas before they appear, whether it’s an old switch board, old wiring or just peace of mind, we can carry out an Electrical Health Check on your home for your own peace of mind.

One of our qualified electricians will come to you and look over your home and electrical system, being lighting, power outlets, main earthing system, hot water supply and main switch board. Once the inspection has been completed, we will provide you with a complete report and recommendations of things that may be of concern.